Tips to help preventing RSI in the Office


These simple tips below are very easy to implement. RSI can actually cause longterm damage to your health. It can also impact on your productivity.

  • Take regular breaks from repetitive tasks.
  • Stretch regularly — stand up to stretch if you can.
  • Hold a good posture and don’t slouch — ideally, your head and back should form a straight line from your ears to your pelvis.
  • Reduce hot-desking as far as practicable.
  • Use a laptop backpack, not a satchel.
  • Make sure the height of your chair is correct and your desk Is set up so that you do not have to reach over repeatedly.
  • When typing, try to keep your fingers pointing forwards — touch type if you can to avoid using the same fingers over and over again.
  • If your job involves using the phone a lot, try not to hold it between your ear and your shoulder — alternatively, use a headset.

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