The Benefits of Drone Surveys

Roof Inspection: Across the UK
Roofers, insurance assessors and homeowners alike are frequently seeing the benefits of drones to quickly and (apparently perhaps most importantly) safely and economically inspect a property. This is a cost-effective approach that reduces the need to construct and hire scaffolding, while completely discharging t

UK Drone Services
Our CAA certified drone pilots provide you with crystal sharp images of your building’s structure.

he risks involved in working at height.


A great example of this is a roof in London inspected with a drone for a roofing company. This 1-hour survey saved the roofing company at least £2000, directly because the investigation provided super high-resolution images, at all sorts of beneficial angles. One hour after the Drone pilot arrived on site, the site administrator and building consultant identified precisely what work needed doing, how long it would take, and how much material they needed.

In just one-hour, the building contractors and the roofing team were a full week advanced of where they would be otherwise, using traditional methods.

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