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BBC releases story about the cost of wardens similar to Historic Wartime Blitz Measures!
This week the BBC released an article highlighting owner concerns over the growing cost of likely renovations to their homes in Tower Blocks in the wake of the tragic events at Grenfell Towers.

A situation we highlighted several weeks ago in a previous blog post

A resident of such a block in Leeds was interviewed and expressed considerable concern regarding how the situation had “wrecked her life”.
She explained how she, and other residents, had to pay £400 per month for “Fire Watchers” a situation that has been the case for over three years.
Also Estate Agent’s are reporting that prices are being driven down by buyers running scared of purchasing a Flat that has ongoing issues, adding to owners woes.

It seems very strange to us that management committees are spending such vast amounts of money on something that might have to be in place for years, yet has no beneficial Fire Safety impact on the building long term; particularly so when an Alarm System is going to be needed anyway and would calm Fire Safety fears?
At Precision Safety Services Ltd have been asked to consider several projects to install Specialist Wireless Fire Alarm Systems to buildings that are currently being “watched” day and night by teams employed specifically to spot a fire and raise the alarm.
These systems are industry recognised and are simple to install, causing very little disruption to the fabric of the building.
The Alarm System would replace the costly “Watching Teams” that are in no way a long term solution and will provide immediate warning throughout a Tower Block whenever a fire starts, even if a property is unoccupied.
Should you wish a quote for your building to have such a system installed please contact us and one of our consultants will be able assist you.
Until then stay vigilant! Stay safe!

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