Could your lack of Culture be your Companies Court Date?

Far too often Company Directors and Owners fail to protect themselves from the teeth of the Corporate Manslaughter Act and other important Health and Safety legislation.

A failure to display a very clear Health and Safety “Culture” within an organisation’s Management structure gives you no defence when accidents occur or even in Tribunal cases.

This “Culture” is the first point of attack by the legal profession, who try to show that you only paid “lip service” to the demands of current legislation and therefore you are guilty of a failure to meet the requirements.

It is essential that organisations clearly spell out and display their efforts in Health and Safety support.

Job descriptions should mention Health and Safety supplementary roles. Time should be given to each role and a budget allocated.

Board meetings should include frequent Health and Safety updates and be recorded in the minutes.

It is not enough just to install the right equipment such as a Fire Alarm, it MUST be tested weekly and training given to staff to do so.

In all things your measures must be;

“Suitable” the right ones!

“Sufficient” enough of them!

“Comprehensive” they cover everything!

“Cohesive” they work together and integrate

This is an example of a proper “Health and Safety Culture”

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