HM Government Introduces 30 Million Pound Waking Watch Relief Fund

An EMS fire system being installed in central London
Wireless Fire System by EMS.

Finally stung in to action by media articles and blogs such as our own,Historic Wartime Blitz Measures Return to a Building Near You! article , or Tower Block Economical Fire Safety Solutions

At last the current government are finally, after over three years, seeking to ease the plight of owners and tenants in Tower Blocks above 18 Metres affected by the scandal of flammable cladding.

Since the tragic events witnessed at Grenfell Tower in June 2017 Tower Block Resident Committees and Managing Agents throughout the UK have had to address the safety of those living in unsafe buildings. 

Many resorted to employing expensive “waking watch” companies who patrol affected buildings 24 Hours and 365 Days a year.

This was a cheap option when looked at monthly set against the one off cost of an alarm system, but in hindsight massively expensive. There are instances where to date Tower Block Residents have had to pay a combined total of over three million pounds over the three year period.

A cost that could have been reduced tenfold if those in charge had only taken up the option of installing alarms instead.

Recognising that many owners and tenants are stuck paying these ridiculously high charges, the Government have at last acted and introduced a relief fund to address the situation.

  • New £30million Waking Watch Relief Fund for fire alarms to reduce costs for leaseholders forced to have a waking watch
  • £1 billion Building Safety Fund deadlines extended to ensure more eligible buildings can remove unsafe cladding
  • Around 95% of buildings with dangerous ‘Grenfell type’ ACM cladding to have completed remediation, or have workers on site by the end of the year

To date over 2800 building applications have been received from eligible sites, over 1600 from London alone.

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Here is a link to the Government site and the claim forms

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