Covid Cutbacks? 

Covid Cutbacks? 

Covid Cutbacks? 

Stay Safe or Make Savings?

This is not your only choice!

You could

Save Time, Save Money and Maintain Compliance

Using One Specialist Provider

Fire Alarms: Lighting: Electrics: Extinguishers: Risk Assessments and Training

Many a business or building manager is struggling with cash flow in these straightened times as the Covid Crisis lays waste to our once vibrant Private Sector.
With revenues collapsing and office buildings being used less and less as more people work from home, the temptation is for standards to be lowered and savings made.
This does not have to be the case though!
Precision Safety Services Ltd frequently finds that Businesses, Schools and Charities are often paying far more for these important and legally required safety requirements than they need to!
At Precision Safety Services we come across case after case where the clients have been oversold items like extinguishers, or given Fire Risk Assessments detailing potentially expensive “failings”, but not given any simple solutions.
By providing a “One Stop Shop” compliance product, Precision Safety Services can lower your costs and time spent without compromising your legal compliance.
We can deliver not just your legally required testing and servicing arrangements, but also a dedicated consultant to guide you through the minefield of UK legislation; often within a single visit.
So why not achieve those savings without compromising your safety by changing your service provider to Precision Safety Services.
We promise to reduce your spend, save you time and simplify your safety systems, contact us today to start saving without putting anyone at risk!
We only use our own fully trained and dedicated staff and provide personal service second to none.
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