Precision Safety Services was formed in 2006 with a vision of building a specialist team of in-house experts to combine health and safety consultancy with physical device and systems testing, providing a “one-stop-shop” for building safety services.
We are a private, family-owned company that focuses on supporting the long-term goals and aspirations of our clients. Our family values shape what we do and drive how we perform – this means taking care of our co-workers while putting our customers at the centre of everything we do.

With a significant presence in the charity sector, Precision is very proud to have also been able to give back over the years, donating time, workforce and equipment to a range of good causes.


Paul Bowsher - Director

We pride ourselves in the fact that we do not use external contractors in our work. We have built a dedicated in-house team of multi-skilled consultants, engineers and support staff with over 300 years of combined experience between them.

Leading the team are our two directors, Peter Holmes and Paul Bowsher.

Before founding Precision Safety Services, Peter spent 10 years working as a Chief Engineer for the RAF in charge of safety for helicopter squadrons, while Paul worked for 15 years as a Senior Safety Advisor for a group of laboratories.Their vast array of experience has shaped Precision Safety Services into the successful business it is today and they continue to push the company forward, striving to provide ever-improved levels of service.


Our comprehensive range of services have been deployed in over 1500 sites across the UK, in organisations ranging from local schools and businesses, right through to Facebook’s London offices and Westminster Cathedral.
We pride ourselves on building long-term relationships with our clients, which is why Precision is the approved supplier to a number of organisations, including the RC Diocese of Westminster and the RC Diocese of Southwark.
Our personal highlight came in 2010, when our expert fire safety team were asked to support the Pope’s visit to Westminster Cathedral. To be entrusted with the safety of the Pope and 2,500 people at such a significant site was a landmark day for Precision.

Precision's Fire Marshall
Precision's Fire Marshall Team at the Pope's Visit to Westminster Cathedral
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