Complete Fire Strategies – Secured

Precision Safety Services are pleased to announce that we have secured a significant Local Authorities Contract to complete Fire Strategies for a host of buildings across the capital and in the Home Counties.

After a long period of negative trading due to Covid, it is an exciting opportunity for us which carries a budget of Two and a Half Million Pounds.
Having invested in further staff development training to meet the new Fire Assessor requirements, it is pleasing that this foresight and investment has been rewarded.
We hope to secure more Fire Strategy and Fire related projects, given that we have the ability to not just Consult, but to deliver the solutions and installations required.
With Local Authorities and Developers being required to supply clear Fire Planning and with a lack of qualified assessors currently, we are well placed to profit from this requirement.

Carrying out a Fire Risk Assessment in a block of Flats

Carrying out a Fire Risk Assessment in a block of Flats should be easy, shouldn’t it? After all, there is clear guidance in Approved Document B (Volume 1) of the Building Regulations, the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order, Approved Document M, guidance documents from the Local Government Association (withdrawn, and republished by the Home Office), PAS 79, and a host of other documents, some old, and some new like the Fire Act 2021 which will come soon become enforceable.

Some of these apply to all blocks of flats, and some only to new ones, but all of them say any multi-occupied (residential) premises need a Fire Risk Assessment. That includes a house converted to two flats, as well as multi-story blocks, and everything in between.

There are 4 types of Fire Risk Assessment. The most common is a type 1 where only the common areas are inspected, and it is non-destructive. Type 3 also includes the individual dwellings (flats). Types 2 and 4 are destructive, and we rarely carry out destructive risk assessments.

A Fire Risk Assessment is based on the Fire Strategy, and many landlords / owners (Responsible Person) do not even know what one is, let alone if they have one. So, we are here to help.

We at Precision Safety have to know what, and when to apply these regulations and guidance documents, and apply them in a consistent and reasonable manner. We have to give suitable and sufficient advice to keep residents safe even if, despite everyone’s best efforts, a fire did break out.

At the same time, there has to be a balance between what is absolutely required and you must do it; and what is not but still presents a significant risk to those in the building. We will guide you on your Fire Strategy, on assessing the level of risk, and possible solutions to lower or eliminate risk. Not only will you do what is legally required – all that is reasonably practicable to reduce risk, but you can prove that you have done it.

Often, the solutions are easy, and cost little or nothing to achieve like documenting your Fire Emergency Evacuation Plan, and giving it to all residents (for example, let them know whether to get out, or stay put). Others might require more time and effort, like upgrading the flat doors to fire resisting doors which is now the landlord’s responsibility. We discuss with you what you already have, and what you still need to do, and when. And all of this is based on an increasingly rare commodity – common sense.

The new Building Safety Bill puts special emphasis on the 18-meter height rule, and Approved Document B has a trigger height of 11-meters. 

But where do you measure from and to? It matters! Knowing which Regulation applies to your building can save many thousands of pounds by, for example, not needing to fit a sprinkler system.

And it does not need to stop there. You are required to “Manage” your building. We at Precision can maintain the fire safety systems of your building. There are fire extinguisher certification checks that need to be completed annually, Emergency Lighting and Fire Alarm systems also need bi-annual certification checks. And if one goes wrong, we can fix or replace it after your agreement. We can even do lightning conductors, if your building has one. 

There is so much that needs to be done. Precision help and guide you, providing completed documentation where we can, and drafts which are simple to complete and understand when we can’t. Do you need a checklist? We will provide one. Do you need a Fire Emergency Evacuation Plan? We will help you create one. Why should you reinvent the wheel? Let us help.


Covid Cutbacks? 

Covid Cutbacks? 

Stay Safe or Make Savings?

This is not your only choice!

You could

Save Time, Save Money and Maintain Compliance

Using One Specialist Provider

Fire Alarms: Lighting: Electrics: Extinguishers: Risk Assessments and Training

Many a business or building manager is struggling with cash flow in these straightened times as the Covid Crisis lays waste to our once vibrant Private Sector.
With revenues collapsing and office buildings being used less and less as more people work from home, the temptation is for standards to be lowered and savings made.
This does not have to be the case though!
Precision Safety Services Ltd frequently finds that Businesses, Schools and Charities are often paying far more for these important and legally required safety requirements than they need to!
At Precision Safety Services we come across case after case where the clients have been oversold items like extinguishers, or given Fire Risk Assessments detailing potentially expensive “failings”, but not given any simple solutions.
By providing a “One Stop Shop” compliance product, Precision Safety Services can lower your costs and time spent without compromising your legal compliance.
We can deliver not just your legally required testing and servicing arrangements, but also a dedicated consultant to guide you through the minefield of UK legislation; often within a single visit.
So why not achieve those savings without compromising your safety by changing your service provider to Precision Safety Services.
We promise to reduce your spend, save you time and simplify your safety systems, contact us today to start saving without putting anyone at risk!
We only use our own fully trained and dedicated staff and provide personal service second to none.

Landlord’s : Fire Safety and Fines!

Derby Landlord fined £50,000 and a further £23,000 in costs, plus two year suspended jail sentence for breaches of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

The Why?

Fire Safety within buildings, let and occupied by the general public, have never been under more scrutiny by Local Authority and Fire Service Inspectors than they are today.

The tragic events witnessed at Grenfell Tower in June 2017, and the public backlash towards the government and Fire Services that followed, has given those in charge of UK Fire Standards the support they needed to firmly enforce breaches in Fire Safety.

Rented flats and Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO’s) have come under closer and more vigorous inspection to address the safety of those living in such buildings. 

Attending officers to any fire, small or large, casualties or not, are now actively seeking prosecution of those offending and failing to comply with current UK Fire Legislation.

The Case

Responding to the fire, which started in a flat on the top floor of the converted building, firefighters discovered some fire doors had no self-closers or smoke seals, the kitchen door did not close due to a lack of maintenance and the fire alarm was not working. There was no evidence of a fire risk assessment and fire extinguishers were out of test date.

In addition, they also found that the landlord had failed to provide tenants with any means of escape and the emergency lighting was not in working order.

The owner and landlord of the flats appeared at Derby Crown Court on 5 July to be sentenced for several breaches of fire safety regulations to which he pleaded guilty at Derby Magistrates Court on the 7 June 2021.

The Solution

A Simple Fire Risk Assessment by a Precision Safety and follow up action to remedy the breaches would have resolved all these issues and for a fraction of the cost of the fines incurred.

Also the tenants and Landlord could sleep soundly knowing that Fire Safety within their building was being addressed.

Had an injury or fatality occurred it is likely that a suspended sentence would have been a longer custodial one.



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Fire Safety after Lockdown – Are you ready for opening up ?

As businesses start to reopen, we have had numerous calls regarding Fire Alarm faults

There are many areas of safety that are bestowed upon Business from the Health and Safety Executive. One of those is the Fire Regulations and in particular, Fire Detection.

The majority of Fire Alarm Systems installed in commercial premises are serviced every six months.

With 50% of the detectors serviced and battery voltages checked at each visit. On wireless systems, we also analyse signal levels to ensure they comply with the British Standard.

Some Fire Alarms are wireless; typically, they require battery changes every 3-4 years. But Still need to be regularly checked, especially after a period of inactivity.

Hard wired system's also have backup batteries inside the Fire Panel, which again need to be checked to make sure they work when you need them most.

With many Fire Alarms being left fallow during the lockdown, they have effectively been neglected. The regulations are clear about maintaining your Fire Detection system;

Precision will ensure that your system is

 legally compliant and above all make sure you and your staff are safe.

We provide you with certification, which is uploaded to our customer portal.

Our team of professional Engineers can fault find, service and maintain your Fire Systems & make sure you are legally compliant. We pride ourselves on being able to work on all makes of Fire System even if they are closed protocol. We do not contract out, this means that you get the same set of Engineers at each visit.

  • Are you really ready for opening up
  • Are your staff ready ?
  • Are you customers safe ?
  • do you need refresher training
  • are your fire extinguishers in working order ?

Call today on 08000 24 11 24, for advice and support.

We will endeavour to get an engineer to you within 48 hours.

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What Our Customers Say

Amazing Service ! Highly recommended !

Rated 5 out of 5
11th November 2021

At short notice, PSS went out of their way to get the work done quickly and went above and beyond to get us up and running. Great communications and very helpful. Will absolutely be calling them again. Liam and Tracey especially were lovely to deal with. Thank you.

Molesey Royal British Legion

Reliable and trustworthy

Rated 5 out of 5
4th May 2021

We have been using PSS Ltd at our church for quite a few years now and have found them to be completely reliable, trustworthy, good value and extremely knowledgeable. In an old and ‘complicated’ building like ours, it is very helpful to work with a small team of technicians who know well the intricacies and ‘kwerks’ of the building. It saves us a lot of time and means that we can plan ahead for repairs, replacement parts and larger items of expenditure. Thoroughly recommended in every way!

Andrew Ceresa

Excellent service

Rated 5 out of 5
20th July 2020

I was thoroughly impressed with PSS, I wouldn’t consider working with any other H&S consultancy. Peter at


Quick Response

Rated 5 out of 5
1st July 2020

We had a suspected asbestos situation arise whilst carrying out electrical work at our church.
We needed some quick information about past reports on our buildings.
We called PSS and got immediate help to assist us in determining our next step.
I am very grateful for the quick response and would like to say thank you to Paul.
Well done!

Laurence McEvoy - St John Fisher Church

Covid 19 - Risk Assessment

Rated 5 out of 5
25th June 2020

Amongst many technical services always provided to the highest standards, Precision also support us with the Health and Safety consultancy. We find this an exceptionally valuable service, particularly in these difficult times of the Coronavirus. Recently, our Senior Leadership Team had to undertake a huge task of assessing risks associated with re-opening our school to a wider group of pupils and bringing back to work staff who felt very anxious after a long period of lockdown. The task was very daunting but with Chris Horsfall’s help and expertise we sailed through it. Chris went an extra mile to check our lengthy Risk Assessment document, assisted with the telephone consultations and provided a very comprehensive staff training. Without his help, we would have struggled. Instead, we feel reassured and are taking his recommendations on board. Thank you Chris and thank you Precision – we know that we can always count on your professional advice and help!

Ewa Dulko

Call today on 08000 24 11 24, for advice and support.

We will endeavour to get an engineer to you within 48 hours.

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Bouncy Castle Safety

Operating Sealed inflatables, for example a bouncy castle.

The operator has overall responsibility to make sure that the sealed inflatable is located well away from possible hazards, such as overhead powerlines or other obstacles with hazardous projections (such as fences).
If the ground surface is abrasive, oily or dirty, a ground sheet
should be used to prevent wear and tear of the base material. Before siting the inflatable, you must make a close visual inspection of the base area to make sure that any discarded objects or other debris are removed, minimising the potential for tears or piercing of the sealed inflatable.

The person or people filling the sealed inflatable must remain in attendance at all times during set-up. The power source (ie blower fan or compressor) must always be physically disconnected from the sealed inflatable once inflation pressure has been reached. This will ensure that the risks from inadvertent energisation or continuing to fill/overfill the sealed inflatable are minimised.

The operator should take regular measurements of the internal pressure using a suitable pressure-measuring device to ensure that the internal pressure remains within the maximum and minimum operating range specified by the manufacturer in the operations manual.
An increase in the internal temperature of the air within the inflatable could result in an internal increase in pressure. The colour of the inflatable can play a part in any temperature rise, with dark colours absorbing a lot more heat than lighter ones because they absorb more light energy.
The operator should consider whether they need to take additional pressure measurements on hot days and, if necessary, adjust the internal pressure to the level stipulated in the operations manual.

Operating the inflatable outside

When the inflatable is being operated outside, the operator should use a suitable hand-held anemometer to measure the wind conditions at regular intervals.
The operator should visually check for changes in wind direction (eg by looking at how the trees are swaying) to make sure readings are taken in the direction of the wind. If an anemometer is not available, the inflatable should not be operated outside.
Smartphone weather applications are not suitable to assess wind speed as they do not take localised wind conditions into account.
Sealed inflatables should not be used when the wind, or gusts, are in excess of the maximum safe wind speed specified by the manufacturer. This information should be stated clearly both on the inflatable device and in the operations manual.

Safe use of the inflatable

The operator is responsible for the safe use of the sealed inflatable throughout the day-to-day availability of the device to the public. Where appropriate, the operator should make sure that:
  • there is constant supervision by a suitably trained person. This would normally mean at least one person per item of equipment
  • written safe operating instructions are always available with the inflatable
  • the number of users on the inflatable at the same time does not exceed the maximum number specified by the manufacturer
  • users of the inflatable do not exceed the height limit and bigger users are kept separated from smaller ones
  • users can get on and off safely, with suitable safety matting at the entrance that complies with the requirements set out in BS EN 1177
  • users remove shoes and glasses and empty their pockets of all sharp or dangerous items
  • anyone obviously intoxicated is not allowed on
  • users do not climb or hang from the walls
  • regular checks are made to ensure that anchor points remain secure at all times
The operator should make sure that the inflatable is operated according to the instructions in the operator’s manual, and that they comply with any operational limitations.

Contains public sector information published by the Health and Safety Executive and licensed under the Open Government Licence’.

HM Government Introduces 30 Million Pound Waking Watch Relief Fund

An EMS fire system being installed in central London
Wireless Fire System by EMS.

Finally stung in to action by media articles and blogs such as our own,Historic Wartime Blitz Measures Return to a Building Near You! article , or Tower Block Economical Fire Safety Solutions

At last the current government are finally, after over three years, seeking to ease the plight of owners and tenants in Tower Blocks above 18 Metres affected by the scandal of flammable cladding.

Since the tragic events witnessed at Grenfell Tower in June 2017 Tower Block Resident Committees and Managing Agents throughout the UK have had to address the safety of those living in unsafe buildings. 

Many resorted to employing expensive “waking watch” companies who patrol affected buildings 24 Hours and 365 Days a year.

This was a cheap option when looked at monthly set against the one off cost of an alarm system, but in hindsight massively expensive. There are instances where to date Tower Block Residents have had to pay a combined total of over three million pounds over the three year period.

A cost that could have been reduced tenfold if those in charge had only taken up the option of installing alarms instead.

Recognising that many owners and tenants are stuck paying these ridiculously high charges, the Government have at last acted and introduced a relief fund to address the situation.

  • New £30million Waking Watch Relief Fund for fire alarms to reduce costs for leaseholders forced to have a waking watch
  • £1 billion Building Safety Fund deadlines extended to ensure more eligible buildings can remove unsafe cladding
  • Around 95% of buildings with dangerous ‘Grenfell type’ ACM cladding to have completed remediation, or have workers on site by the end of the year

To date over 2800 building applications have been received from eligible sites, over 1600 from London alone.

Precision Safety Services Ltd specialise in Tower Block Alarm System Design and Installation.

Here is a link to the Government site and the claim forms

Let us assist you towards safety at an ongoing cost you can afford! Get In touch today !


Could your lack of Culture be your Companies Court Date?

Far too often Company Directors and Owners fail to protect themselves from the teeth of the Corporate Manslaughter Act and other important Health and Safety legislation.

A failure to display a very clear Health and Safety “Culture” within an organisation’s Management structure gives you no defence when accidents occur or even in Tribunal cases.

This “Culture” is the first point of attack by the legal profession, who try to show that you only paid “lip service” to the demands of current legislation and therefore you are guilty of a failure to meet the requirements.

It is essential that organisations clearly spell out and display their efforts in Health and Safety support.

Job descriptions should mention Health and Safety supplementary roles. Time should be given to each role and a budget allocated.

Board meetings should include frequent Health and Safety updates and be recorded in the minutes.

It is not enough just to install the right equipment such as a Fire Alarm, it MUST be tested weekly and training given to staff to do so.

In all things your measures must be;

“Suitable” the right ones!

“Sufficient” enough of them!

“Comprehensive” they cover everything!

“Cohesive” they work together and integrate

This is an example of a proper “Health and Safety Culture”

Don’t be another notch on their stick! Call Precision Safety Services for a Free Audit of your H and S management today

Tower Block Economical Fire Safety Solutions

BBC releases story about the cost of wardens similar to Historic Wartime Blitz Measures!
This week the BBC released an article highlighting owner concerns over the growing cost of likely renovations to their homes in Tower Blocks in the wake of the tragic events at Grenfell Towers.

A situation we highlighted several weeks ago in a previous blog post

A resident of such a block in Leeds was interviewed and expressed considerable concern regarding how the situation had “wrecked her life”.
She explained how she, and other residents, had to pay £400 per month for “Fire Watchers” a situation that has been the case for over three years.
Also Estate Agent’s are reporting that prices are being driven down by buyers running scared of purchasing a Flat that has ongoing issues, adding to owners woes.

It seems very strange to us that management committees are spending such vast amounts of money on something that might have to be in place for years, yet has no beneficial Fire Safety impact on the building long term; particularly so when an Alarm System is going to be needed anyway and would calm Fire Safety fears?
At Precision Safety Services Ltd have been asked to consider several projects to install Specialist Wireless Fire Alarm Systems to buildings that are currently being “watched” day and night by teams employed specifically to spot a fire and raise the alarm.
These systems are industry recognised and are simple to install, causing very little disruption to the fabric of the building.
The Alarm System would replace the costly “Watching Teams” that are in no way a long term solution and will provide immediate warning throughout a Tower Block whenever a fire starts, even if a property is unoccupied.
Should you wish a quote for your building to have such a system installed please contact us and one of our consultants will be able assist you.
Until then stay vigilant! Stay safe!

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