Covid Cutbacks? Stay Safe or Make Savings?

Stay Safe, Make Savings
Stay Safe, Make Savings
Covid Cutbacks? Stay Safe or Make Savings?

This is the question that many a business or building manager is struggling with in these straightened times as the Covid Crisis lays waste to our once vibrant Private Sector.
With revenues collapsing and office buildings being used less and less as more people work from home, the temptation is for standards to be lowered and savings made.

This does not have to be the case though!

Precision Safety Services Ltd frequently finds that Businesses, Schools and Charities are often paying far more for these important and legally required safety requirements than they need to!
There is still a huge gulf in the understanding of what is actually required over what some companies are profiteering from by using scare tactic advertising to generate fear based business.

At Precision Safety Services we come across case after case where the clients have been oversold items like extinguishers, or given Fire Risk Assessments detailing numerous potentially expensive “failings”, but not given any simple solutions.
By providing a “One Stop Shop” compliance product, Precision Safety Services can lower your costs and time spent without compromising your legal compliance.

We can deliver not just your legally required testing and servicing arrangements, but also a dedicated consultant to guide you through the minefield of UK legislation; often within a single visit.

So why not achieve those savings without compromising your safety by changing your service provider to Precision Safety Services.

We promise to reduce your spend, save you time and simplify your safety systems, contact us today to start saving without putting anyone at risk!

Historic Wartime Blitz Measures Return to a Building Near You!

Measures not seen since Nazi Germany rained incendiary bombs down upon a beleaguered Britain have returned to our cities in the wake of the tragic events at Grenfell Towers.
Fire Watchers are now active in Towns and Cities around the UK once more!

Residents and Owners of flats and penthouses are finding out that their “Castles in the Sky” are not quite as safe as they thought they were when they bought or moved into them.

Long held, “Stay Put Polices” in the event of a fire emergency, have been undone by poorly implemented and supervised construction and renovation projects, which have seen flammable insulation products used to clad external and internal structures.
New advice for administrators/managers of any building above 18 Metres high has been issued by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG). These advise on the assessment of and remedial measures for high-rise residential buildings.
The most recent guidance is its Advice for Building Owners of Multi-storey, Multi-occupied Residential Buildings, issued January 2020 (MHCLG Consolidated Guidance), which states that:

“Building owners or their appointed competent professional advisors(s) should check that the external wall systems on their buildings meet an acceptable standard of safety and do not contribute to the external spread of fire, irrespective of building height.”
Local Authorities, Managing Agents and Building Committees examining their buildings against this advice, have had their worlds turned upside down by engineer’s reports highlighting significant deficiencies; many of which demand immediate action to keep the occupants safe in the event of a fire.

Precision Safety Services Ltd have been asked to consider several projects to install Specialist Fire Alarm Systems to buildings that are currently being “watched” day and night by teams employed specifically to spot a fire and raise the alarm.
These Alarm Systems will replace the costly “Watching Teams”, that are in no way a long term solution, and will provide immediate warning throughout a Tower Block whenever a fire starts, even if a property is unoccupied.
These are not the only requirements being demanded, as Fire Officers are finally listened to and measures that have long been available, such as Sprinkler Systems, are now becoming legal requirements.
Reports are being read and expensive retrospective remedial works to cladding and “Fire Separation” measures are being considered and implemented across the UK.
Only once all these measures are in place will the “Stay Put Policy” return!

Should you wish for your building to be examined against the new criteria for Tower Block Fire Safety, please contact us and one of our consultants will be able assist you.
Until then stay vigilant! Stay safe!

COVID-19 Hand washing and glove removal

As part of our latest helpful Blog Posts, please see our free COVID-19 links to handwashing and removing protective gloves:

Please see this video for the correct way to wash your hands  Should you wish to wear latex or similar disposable gloves please advise the office and we will supply you with some, alternatively, you can purchase and claim via expenses.  Please see video for correctly removing and disposing of the gloves


Fire Training Today

Our safety team have been delivering live-fire training at Brentwood School.

All the kitchen staff had fun with our Live Fire Kit, they each got to use a fully charged extinguisher.

Precision's Live Fire Training
Train with our safety team. We provide all the equipment.

We often hear the comment “I’m afraid to use a Fire Extinguisher” our training breaks down this fear. It gives all trainees the chance to fight a real fire in safe controlled conditions.


Stress in the workplace!!

Many factors lead to work-related stress. The HSE defines these as role, change, demands, support, relationships and control. Anyone or a combination of can cause severe problems.
I decided to write this blog post from my perspective as one of the Directors at Precision Safety Services. Dealing with Staff, Customers & the everyday vigors of running a successful business has an impact on my stress levels. When I’m having a bad day at the office, I sit back and reflect on the stress that I’m feeling at that particular point in time……the one thing that calms me down the most is the feeling that over the years “We have saved lives.” Not to the same scale as the emergency services; however, in our own small way, we have made a difference.

Pride in our work

As a private, family-owned company, we’re able to concentrate on the long term goals and organisational aspirations of our clients. Unlike a plc, we are not driven by short term financial targets. Instead, we’re dedicated to the longevity of our business and our clients’ organisations, our family values shape what we do and how we perform. This means taking care of our co-workers while putting our customers at the centre of everything we do. We never want to be as big as Chubb or Kiddie who are global providers, we do though strive to provide a world-class service.

Commercial Drone law

Commercial Drone law is very strict. Some areas of the country have restricted airspace. An example of this would be Heathrow Airports airspace.  Precision have an answer to the problem, our 30m high camera pole system is perfect for most buildings.  We can also operate the pole from a Cherry Picker, this allows us to survey up to 50m high.


30m Pole Camera
We have a solution where Drones can't fly.

The Benefits of Drone Surveys

Roof Inspection: Across the UK
Roofers, insurance assessors and homeowners alike are frequently seeing the benefits of drones to quickly and (apparently perhaps most importantly) safely and economically inspect a property. This is a cost-effective approach that reduces the need to construct and hire scaffolding, while completely discharging t

UK Drone Services
Our CAA certified drone pilots provide you with crystal sharp images of your building’s structure.

he risks involved in working at height.


A great example of this is a roof in London inspected with a drone for a roofing company. This 1-hour survey saved the roofing company at least £2000, directly because the investigation provided super high-resolution images, at all sorts of beneficial angles. One hour after the Drone pilot arrived on site, the site administrator and building consultant identified precisely what work needed doing, how long it would take, and how much material they needed.

In just one-hour, the building contractors and the roofing team were a full week advanced of where they would be otherwise, using traditional methods.

Tips to help preventing RSI in the Office


These simple tips below are very easy to implement. RSI can actually cause longterm damage to your health. It can also impact on your productivity.

  • Take regular breaks from repetitive tasks.
  • Stretch regularly — stand up to stretch if you can.
  • Hold a good posture and don’t slouch — ideally, your head and back should form a straight line from your ears to your pelvis.
  • Reduce hot-desking as far as practicable.
  • Use a laptop backpack, not a satchel.
  • Make sure the height of your chair is correct and your desk Is set up so that you do not have to reach over repeatedly.
  • When typing, try to keep your fingers pointing forwards — touch type if you can to avoid using the same fingers over and over again.
  • If your job involves using the phone a lot, try not to hold it between your ear and your shoulder — alternatively, use a headset.
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