Facility Management

Facilities management, when divided down to the very basics, is quite simply the administration and maintenance, care and use of business buildings – utilising people, processes and software. Precision has a dedicated bespoke software system which can track multiple business assets. The combination of processes within a business to maintain and develop agreed services which support and enhance the effectiveness of its principal activities.” This primarily includes¬†everything¬†from conception and construction, right through to the use of rooms, fittings and facilities as well as cleaning and comprehensive maintenance. In this way, facilities management is an on-going relationship which continues for the life of the building’s use. With large organisations and even large publicly controlled buildings. Regulated facilities management is not only necessary but also complex and time-consuming. Our software is an integral part of building and business management, saving time and money. The combination of having facility management with our safety systems ensures that you are compliant all round.

Our comprehensive building management services at a glance:

Senior Administrator
I’m Leanne, I work at our offices in Surrey. My role is to provide admin assistance to the field operatives. I also administer the company database and client portals.
  • Water testing (Legionnaires)
  • Asbestos Duty Holder Management
  • Contractor Management
  • PAT Testing
  • DSE Assessments
  • Electrical Testing (Electrical Inspection Condition Report)
  • Lightning Conductor Testing
  • Boiler Maintenance*
  • Electrical Fault finding and repair
  • Full H&S Risk Assessments and policies
  • Online and face to face staff training and inductions
  • Emergency Light testing and install
  • Fire Alarm Design, repair, testing and install


*Boiler maintenance is arranged through a third party.

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