Fire Alarm Design

Fire Alarm Design

Precision’s Design team take their time to understand your individual requirements fully.  Our design takes into account the following parameters:

The type of business demands that you put on the building, in some circumstances we may have to complete a full fire risk assessment, to fully understand the risks involved. For example, you may be running a hotel.  Where you have sleeping accommodation, you must have an addressable fire alarm system. This will immediately identify where the fire is located. As opposed to a non-addressable system which only identifies a zone. It is also a requirement in sleeping accommodation to achieve an alarm sound of 75 decibels at the bedhead. All bedrooms must have a detector and sounder installed, often these units are combined.

Some buildings don’t need fire protection for the protection of people; an example of this would be a standalone  Church with a very high roof and lots of fire exits. You wouldn’t fit a system to protect people as the high roof acts as a vast smoke void. The fire would need to burn for a very long time before the smoke was low enough to endanger people. You may, however; want to install detection to the Church to protect the fabric of the building.  Precision are specialists in design and installing Wireless Systems to Listed Heritage Buildings.


Our designers will measure your premises and calculate the correct number of devices needed to provide the level of detection for your individual requirements.

Approved Installers
Our multi-skilled engineers professionally install your system and provide you with 3-year parts and labour warranty.

We design and install all types of fire protection. Listed below are some of the design considerations open to us:


  • Wired Zone-based systems for building that are not complex and considered to be low risk. 
  • Wired Addressable systems in complex buildings, and where the risk level is increased
  • Wireless Addressable systems for complex buildings, and where the risk level is increased
  • Hybrid systems where a mixture of systems are needed
  • Fire Beams for protection across vast areas, like warehouses and large churches
  • Fire relays to isolate things like gas supplies and to operate fire shutters

You can be sure that we provide a first-class service. Be sure to check out our testimonials page.

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