Fire Alarm Installation in Towerblocks

Many towerblocks only have a fire alarm system which provides detection in communal areas, like staircases and corridors. Despite alarms being present in common areas, Compartmentalisation could be breached from dwelling to dwelling because of the presence of cladding similar to that found in the tragic Grenfell Towers'. Therefore to lower the prevailing hazard to an acceptable risk ratio either, full-time Marshalling would be required, or a dedicated monitored alarm system would need to be installed with detection in each dwelling providing protection to warn residents if any unit is on fire'.

To fulfil the requirement of a 'Stand Alone, Monitored Wireless Alarm System' Precision are specialist in wireless fire detection. We have been installing EMS systems for over 15 years. Our wireless systems can be installed to any type of premises. The systems are not affected by other types of transmission equipment.

A typical Towerblock would have the following installed.

  • EMS Wireless Fire Cell Syncro 4 Loop 48 Zone Addressable fire Panel be installed in the main Lobby with Repeater Panels in other Lobbys. (Enables individuals and attending Fire Officers to confirm the exact location of a fire event)
  • That Network cards suitable for the system are installed in each panel
  • That EMS Wireless Fire Cell Cluster Communicators throughout the buildings to form the Wireless infrastructure
  • That EMS Rate of Rise Heat detectors are installed in each of the forty-one dwelling units with associated bases
  • Institute of Fire Engineers Affiliate Organisation
    Institute of Fire Engineers Affiliate Organisation

    That EMS Sounder Strobes are installed alongside the detectors (99 dB's)

  • Interface units are installed to link the current alarm (if one exists) in 'common areas' to the new alarm
  • Interface Units are installed to facilitate isolation of any security measures that might prevent easy access by Fire Services or egress by evacuating people
  • Interface Units are installed to isolate gas and any other items that might aid fire safety in an incident
  • That a Communications Module (Pager System) is included to alert the authorities/building owners
  • That detection is extended into Garage areas and plant rooms
  • The design allowed for above will not 'cry wolf' by operating for things like toast burning in individual dwellings by using quick operating 'Rate of Rise' Heat Detection rather than smoke detection


The design will ensure Constant Vigilance, the system will enable the dwelling units to be under constant monitoring as EMS control panel check their systems every 30 seconds. Sounds to Wake a Sleeping Person. The requirement is 75 dB at the bed head. The design could be linked to 'Red Care' and/or pager devices.

EMS wireless systems can be easily extended and include detector/sounders that could be configured only to provide alarm in a single dwelling for a defined period. This would mean owners could extend the system should they so wish to cover their bedrooms and kitchens etc without huge cost.

We can design and install an entire system from scratch. We specialise in Towerblocks and Listed buildings where our wireless networks come into their own. All of our engineers are multi-skilled and cross-trained.
Our in-house multiskilled engineers become your competent person. They are dedicated professionals who explain every step of the design process.

In the UK the British Standards Institute provide the standard that your system must conform to, it is BS 5839 Part 1. All our engineers are trained to this standard. We provide comprehensive services with inhouse dedicated professionals.

We fully guarantee all of our work, our friendly staff provide fantastic after-sales service. Our prices are very competitive.

Our engineers will take the design and then establish the most effective method of installing your fire system, with the least amount of disruption. They complete a risk assessment before work commences. A safe system of work will be implemented.

Precision specialises in complex multi-building systems from Fire Detection to Fire Suppression. We also install air sampling systems; these are typically used in listed buildings where detectors would look unsightly.
A large majority of buildings require a fire alarm to guarantee the protection of life and property. They are the most dependable way of informing all employees and staff of a fire condition.

Approved Installers

Precision has fully qualified Fire Alarm Engineers.

We offer free design visits to all our new customers. At the visit, the engineer will discuss your requirements in full. They will ensure that your system leaves you fully legally compliant.

After the install, they will give you and your staff comprehensive training on the fire alarm system. With zero per cent finance options, our tailored packages are second to none. Precisions fire alarm systems leave you legally compliant, giving you total peace of mind.


"Paul and his team from Precision were brilliant. He worked with us to design our system in such a way that enabled us to save thousands of pounds. His team installed our fire system quickly and efficiently. They have been looking after all of our health and safety for a number of years. I would highly recommend their services".

3 Year Parts & Labour Warranty on all systems

We Aim To Beat Any Quote

Free Quotes & Expert Advice

5 Year Fixed Price Options

Out of Hours Testing

In House Staff

Precision test and repair all makes of Fire Alarm System from simple wired systems to complex wireless multi-building systems. Our in-house multiskilled engineers become your competent person. They are dedicated professionals who explain every step of the test and repair process. We offer same-day services, and all work is guaranteed.

Fire Alarms require regular maintenance by law. We often find that systems are left without any form of regular testing and maintenance. If your Fire Alarm panel is showing a fault, you must act. For more information look at our Fault Finding Page.

Precision's Design team take their time to understand your individual requirements fully.  Our design takes into account the the type of business demands that you put on the building, in some circumstances we may have to complete a full fire risk assessment, to fully understand the risks involved. Our qualified designers will work with you to ensure that you have the optimum level of coverage and a sensible price. We stand by our work with a full 3-year parts and labour warranty.

Fire Alarms are installed in buildings under BS5839-1 to provide the warning required to assist you in escaping the consequences of a fire incident within an assessed ‘Available Safe Egress Time’. This crucial element of your ‘Fire Safety Measures’ must be functioning at all times and as such the maintenance of these systems has been made a legal requirement. Precision Safety Services Ltd can deliver this requirement for you using a dedicated engineer who will get to know you and your system. For more information go to our Installation page. We also can provide Emergency Call Out Services and/or Service Plans (See our Packages for greater discounts)
We test and service all types of fire protection systems. Our engineers will fully inspect your fire system from wired Zone-based systems for building that are not complex and considered to be low risk. To wired and wireless Addressable systems in complex buildings, and where the risk level is increased. We also look after Hybrid systems where a mixture of systems are linked to each other.
Precision have a dedicated electrical division, with NICEIC qualified electrical engineers. Supplementing these teams, are highly skilled Fire Alarm Engineers who work on all makes of system. Our 24/7 365 manned phone line will provide you with a quick reaction to your problem. Precision can supply engineers 7 days a week, please call us to discuss your problem. Our engineers carry a huge range of spare parts, to enable a timely repair. We guarantee all our work and provide you with certification showing what exactly has been done. We will happily try and help you over the phone for free, in some circumstances we can talk you through the process of isolating a particular device, to stop constant false alarms. This is only a short term solution as the device will need to be repaired or replaced.  Call today on freephone 08000 24 11 24


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