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At Precision, we can design and install you an entire system from scratch. We specialise in Heritage & Listed Buildings where our wireless systems really come into their own. All of our engineers are multi skilled and cross trained.

Our in-house multiskilled engineers become your competent person. They are dedicated professionals who explain every step of the design process. We offer same-day services, and all work is guaranteed.

In the UK the British Standards Institute provide the standard that your system must conform to, it is BS 5839 Part 1. All our engineers are trained to this standard.  We provide comprehensive services with inhouse dedicated professional. Call us anytime for help with your fire system requirements.

We fully guarantee all of our work, our friendly staff provide fantastic after-sales service.  Our prices are very competitive, we will not be beaten on price. Call today for your free design visit.

Our engineers will take the design and then establish the most effective method of installing your fire system, with the least amount of disruption. They complete a risk assessment before work commences. A safe system of work will be implemented.

The complete, installation, commissioning and handover will be done by our dedicated engineers.

Precision specialises in complex multi-building systems from Fire Detection to Fire Suppression. We also install air sampling systems; these are typically used in listed buildings where detectors would look unsightly.

A large majority of buildings require a fire alarm to guarantee the protection of life and property. They are the most dependable way of informing all employees and staff of a fire condition.

Fire alarms are needed in most buildings, per the Regulatory Reform Order 2005.

Where the premises are a workplace, the responsible person must ensure that any duty imposed by articles 8 to 22 or by regulations made under article 24 is complied with in respect of those premises.

British Standard BS5839, in accordance with specifies the level required for a particular risk. Our designers follow the standard when looking at your duty under the Fire Safety Order.

Our technicians carry a wide range of devices to recertify any non-compliance. Precision has a dedicated training centre, to ensure that our engineers stay right up to date with the latest developments in the industry.

Fire Alarm systems are categorised. They are as follows:

Category M. Manual systems rely on the occupants of the building, discovering the fire and operating a call point on the system to alert others.

Category 5 (Level 5) systems are the ‘custom’ category and relate to individual special requirements that cannot be met by any other category.

Category 4 (Level 4) systems cover escape routes and circulation areas.

Category 3 (level 3)systems provide more inclusive cover than Category 4. The purpose is to notify the occupants of the building early enough to guarantee that all can exit the building.

Category 2 (Level 2) systems correlate to automatic fire protection in specified areas of the premises as well as meeting the demands of Category 3. The more comprehensive cover relates to parts of the building considered to have a high level of risk.

Category 1 (Level 1) systems, the whole of a building, is covered with minor exceptions. L1 systems are typically installed in premises where people are sleeping.

We stand by our claim that we are a professional world class installer. We guarantee all of our work for a full 3 years, this includes parts and labour.

Precision test and repair all makes of Fire Alarm System from simple wired systems to complex wireless multi-building systems. Our in-house multiskilled engineers become your competent person. They are dedicated professionals who explain every step of the test and repair process. We offer same-day services, and all work is guaranteed. Fire Alarms require regular maintenance by law. We often find that systems are left without any form of regular testing and maintenance. If your Fire Alarm panel is showing a fault, you must act. For more information look at our Fault Finding Page.
Precision's Design team take their time to understand your individual requirements fully.  Our design takes into account the the type of business demands that you put on the building, in some circumstances we may have to complete a full fire risk assessment, to fully understand the risks involved. Our qualified designers will work with you to ensure that you have the optimum level of coverage and a sensible price. We stand by our work with a full 3-year parts and labour warranty. Check out our Fire Alarm Design Page.
Fire Alarms are installed in buildings under BS5839-1 to provide the warning required to assist you in escaping the consequences of a fire incident within an assessed ‘Available Safe Egress Time’. This crucial element of your ‘Fire Safety Measures’ must be functioning at all times and as such the maintenance of these systems has been made a legal requirement. Precision Safety Services Ltd can deliver this requirement for you using a dedicated engineer who will get to know you and your system. For more information go to our Installation page. We also can provide Emergency Call Out Services and/or Service Plans (See our Packages for greater discounts)
We test and service all types of fire protection systems. Our engineers will fully inspect your fire system from wired Zone-based systems for building that are not complex and considered to be low risk. To wired and wireless Addressable systems in complex buildings, and where the risk level is increased. We also lookafter Hybrid systems where a mixture of systems are linked to each other.
Precision have a dedicated electrical division, with NICEIC qualified electrical engineers. Supplemnting these teams, are highly skilled Fire Alarm Engineers who work on all makes of system. Our 24/7 365 manned phone line will provide you with a quick reaction to your problem. Precision can supply engineers 7 days a week, please call us to discuss your problem. Our engineers carry a huge range of spare parts, to enable a timely repair. We guarantee all our work and provide you with certification showing what exactly has been done. We will happily try and help you over the phone for free, in some circumstances we can talk you through the process of isolating a particular device, to stop constant false alarms. This is only a short term solution as the device will need to be repaired or replaced.  Call today on freephone 08000 24 11 24
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Our multi skilled engineers professionally install your system and provide you with a 3 year parts and labour warranty.
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