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Fire Risk Assessment with Precision Safety


  • Since 2006 we have completed 8,500 Fire Risk Assessments in all sectors of business. We specialise in office & tower blocks and with sleeping accommodation. Prices start from £395 + Vat
  • Our NEBOSH qualified consultants use the lastest PAS79 guidance. All our consultants have multiple years of experience in all sectors of business
  • We are experts in this field and have been completing not just fire but all types of risk assessments for our customers
  • We do not contract out our work
  • We will not be beaten on price. For a like for like quotation, we will match the price and take off 5%
  • We have been in business for nearly 14 years
  • We can offer support in all sectors of safety with our multi-skilled engineers
  • On the back of the Fire Risk Assessment, we can provide your staff with Fire Marshall and FireWarden training
  • Should the assessment highlight physical changes that you need to make like Fire Alarms & Emergency Lighting, we can complete this work for you; we always ask that you get two other quotations though
  • Precision currently work in over 1500 buildings, we have lots of testimonials from these customers, we can provide you with references

We have detailed below the risk assessment process along with the legal reasons why you must act.

Precision’s fire consultants will complete the process of identifying fire hazards and possible sources of ignition.

Awareness of the fire tetrahedron and the most common causes of fire is an essential skill to have. For a fire to happen, it needs a source of ignition, and a potential source of fuel and oxygen. Ignition sources and fuel must be kept apart, removed or eliminated then the risks to people and your business is reduced. To do this, we first identify possible sources of ignition, fuel and oxygen in your premises.

Identify all sources of ignition. All premises will contain heat and or ignition sources; some will be obvious such as cooking appliances or open fires. Others will be less apparent such as heat from chemical processes (exothermic) or electrical devices.

Potential sources of ignition are:-

  • Faulty electrical fittings and defective or misuse of electrical equipment – light bulbs too close to combustible materials, abuse or defective electrical extension leads and adapters, broken or damaged wiring.
  • Matches, Lighters, Candles
  • Flame or sparks from a work method such as welding
  • Sources of frictional heat.
  • Electrostatic discharges sparks.
  • Ovens, furnaces, kilns, open hearths or incinerators. Portable heaters.
  • Boilers, engines, oil fired boilers.
  • Cooking equipment, such as deep fat fryers.
  • Arson must also be considered.
  • Possible sources of fuel and unsafe situations:-

Combustibles – These can be separated into two main groups; combustible fuels such as paper, cardboard, wood, etc.; and highly flammable fuels such as petrol, thinners, solvents, polyurethane foam such as building cladding panels.
Any unsafe methods or acts – Person's undertaking hazardous acts such as smoking near to combustible materials.
Any unsafe situations – These are hazards that may assist a fire to develop in your workplace, e.g. if there are lots of areas with a high fire loading (e.g paper, cardboard, any flammable) etc., or open staircases that can cause a fire to spread swiftly, trapping persons and affecting the whole building.
One hazard that is often overlooked, is poor housekeeping and is the simplest to correct. It is responsible for numerous small fires, either starting or certainly spreading and involving far more of the premises than was necessary.
The is by no means an exhaustive list, and is given merely as a guide.

A fire risk assessment must be the framework for all the fire precautions in your buildings. We will explain the report to you It is critical to read and understand the fire risk assessment. Precision provides you with a legally compliant risk assessment, written in plain English.

You will see from the example below; we use a traffic light colour coding system. We then indicate the area and describe how people may be harmed. Then you get an existing colour rating and a description along with further action and when it should be done by.

Precision will beat any like for like quotation. Fire Risk Assessment prices start at £299 + Vat. Call us on 08000 24 11 24 to arrange your assessment. We offer out of hours/weekend services.

What is the punishment for not possessing a Fire Risk Assessment?

The punishment for not having a Fire Risk Assessment is prosecution with a severe fine and ultimately in the event of loss of life potential prison under the corporate manslaughter act.


"Paul and his team from Precision were brilliant. He worked with us to design our Fire system in such a way that enabled us to save thousands of pounds. His team installed our fire system quickly and efficiently. They have been looking after all of our health and safety for a number of years. I would highly recommend their services".

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We guarantee to beat any like for like quotation.

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