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Saving Lives

Take a look around your premises, chances are that you have a Water Extinguisher placed adjacent to your electrical fuse boards or electrical hazard. This creates an electrocution hazard.  We come across this scenario weekly.  Often Fire Extinguishers are placed in pairs by exits with no regard to the actual hazard.

We locate our Fire Extinguishers based on the hazards presented around them.

In most circumstances a Fire should be left alone. Everyone should exit the premises and let the Fire Brigade extinguish the Fire. Of course, this is only general advice. To obtain the bespoke advice you need, complete our booking link above. This will enable you to receive dedicated professional assistance.

We have briefly looked at Fire Doors and Fire Alarms, these are a small example of our comprehensive audit process. In the 1 hour audit we aim, with your help to look at as many areas as possible.

Full Professional Risk Assessments can take many hours to complete, our 1 hour audit check will move you towards compliance & assist you in making the correct choices for your business.

Our audit process is a small but important part of your Fire Safety routine.

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Audits at Precision

NEBOSH Qualified Senior H&S ConsultantsI'm Chris, one of the NEBOSH Qualified Senior H&S Consultants at Precision. The Audit will look at all significant areas of legislation. Taking in to account what measures you have in place, we often find that physical works like fire doors and emergency lights have been installed, however; in many cases, they have been fitted and then forgotten. For example, emergency push bars on Fire Exits should be checked monthly. They can become stuck and require significant effort to open them; this is especially important in the winter months as timber doors can swell in damp condition.

I have experience in all sectors. The Audit moves you towards compliance and explains how we can help you.

Fire Doors & Fire Alarms - An example of what we check for you

  • Do your doors have the correct smoke/heat seals fitted?
  • Do they have the correct gap between them?
  • Are closers fitted? Do they work and are they fire rated?
  • Does the door form part of dedicated fire break?
  • Are the correct viewing panels fitted? If fitted, does the door have the correct glass?
  • Is the door fire rated to 30 mins or 1 hour?
  • How do you tell if a door is fire rated?
  • If the door is fire rated, is it correct for your premises?
  • Old doors sometimes have Asbestos to give them the fire rating, how do you tell?
  • Is there a routine check of fire doors? Is it recorded?
  • Do your doors open in the correct direction?
  • Are your doors the correct width for the amount of people you have in the premises?
  • Do your doors need automatic holders?
  • Are your doors linked to the fire system?
  • Do your doors have thumb turn overrides fitted
  • Do the doors lead to a dead end fire route?
Fire Alarms
  • Do you have one?
  • Do you need one?
  • Is it monitored? Should it be?
  • Is it just zone based? Is it addressable?
  • Is it just call point based?
  • Are the backup batteries in date?
  • Is rotational call point testing being done?
  • Is it Life 1, 2 or 3 based?
  • Is there Zone charts?
  • Is there a fire pack?
  • Do you have Fire Marshalls and Wardens trained and up to date?
  • Do you have a PAS79 based Fire Risk Assessment?
  • Do you know how to isolate a device?
  • Where do you log faults?
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