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Organisations have a legal responsibility to put in place suitable systems to manage health and safety. The health and safety executive advocates a common-sense and effective approach. It should be part of the everyday processes and be an integral part of workplace behaviours and attitudes. 

Whatever size or organisation type, the keys to properly manage health and safety are leadership, a trained/skilled workforce, a safe environment, and having competent advice and support.

One-off interventions can rarely achieve a successful delivery. A continued and systematic approach is required. A continual process of monitoring is necessary with regular reviews and adjustments to reflect how your organisation changes. However, the success of whatever method or system is in place hinges on the attitudes and behaviours of everyone in the organisation.

The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 expect employers to put in place arrangements to control health and safety risks. 

 We often see businesses not knowing where to start, the reason they give is Health and Safety can be a daunting task. The Free 1 hour audit from Precision is the first step on the road to compliance. The areas of Health and Safety covered in the inspection are as follows:

Do you have?

  • a written health and safety policy assessment of the risks to staff, contractors, customers and infact any other persons who could be affected by your activities.
  • a system in place to record the significant findings in writing. 
  • suitable and sufficient risk assessments in place.
  • arrangement for the effective planning, organisation, control, monitoring and review of the preventive and protective measures that come from risk assessment.
  • access to competent health and safety advice.
  •  system in place that provides employees with information about the risks in your workplace and how they are protected.
  • instructions and training for employees in how to deal with the risks.
  • adequate and appropriate supervision in place.
  •  a consulting process with staff about their risks at work and current preventive and protective measures in place.

The Free Audit will give you an extremely good start point; you will be given competent professional advice from a qualified health and safety consultant. All of our staff are briefed on the company policy not to pressure sell. You will be given the findings of the audit and a proposal as to how Precision can help you further.



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