Portable Appliance Testing

Your PAT test journey with Precision starts long before we start on the day. Our carefully selected equipment is calibrated at least annually by externally accredited calibration houses. We use the latest models from Seaward that combined with the Seaward PAT test pro software. Make us your first choice for a professional, reliable, courteous, cost-effective service.

We are often asked, "Do we need to PAT test by law?". Well, the answer is no. By law, you must have a Written Scheme of Examination. PAT testing is the gold standard of checking your portable electrical equipment. If you were going to opt for the written scheme, then this is a visual inspection of the plug, cable and appliance casing for damage. The item should be numbered, and you should have a physical record to show that you have tested it. The visual inspection forms part of our tests, however; our testers go one step further and verify the electrical integrity of the item. This is something you can't achieve by visual inspection alone.

Prices start at £75 callout and just £1.50 per item plus vat. We offer volume discounts, please call for prices. 

The PAT test pro software that we use from Seaward enables us to record the location, description, item number and electrical integrity results for that particular device.

Once we have tested the item, we record all the details and also place a sticker on the piece, which shows if it passed or failed. On a general note, if you come across any item tested by any company that has a red failed sticker DO NOT USE IT. If you decide to use it, then you are more at risk of an electrical shock and or fire from using a faulty item.

Our company motto of "Save Time, Save Money and Save Lives" puts PAT testing into context. Save time by using one of our fully trained engineers, save money by not falling foul by using damaged items. Save lives by getting the job done by an industry professional.

Our engineers will always check with you regarding turning off and testing sensitive equipment, for example, computers, servers, sound equipment, CCTV or anything that is either mission-critical and cannot be turned off. For items like this in nature, we perform a visual inspection for you. Again, this gets recorded on our Seaward Pro equipment.


Our customers love the fact that we provide them with a full report that gets emailed to them but also uploaded to our customer portal where we store all reports electronically. We can also, provide you with a USB stick on the day with all results contained on it. Alternatively, you can log in to your client portal and download your results, lastly, we can print and post your report to you.

If we find equipment on the day that we can repair, you have that option; this could be for example changing an old fashioned plug without protective shrouding on the Live and Neutral to a modern plug which meets the current electrical standards.

All in all, the Portable Appliance Testing from Precision leaves you with total peace of mind.

All Makes of Fire Extinguisher serviced by qualified engineers


"Paul and his team from Precision were brilliant. He worked with us to design our system in such a way that enabled us to save thousands of pounds. His team installed our fire system quickly and efficiently. They have been looking after all of our health and safety for a number of years. I would highly recommend their services".

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