Portable Appliance Testing

All employers are required by law to ensure that any electrical equipment classified as “portable” is well-maintained and safe to use. This includes a wide range of appliances, from lamps, kettles and power tools, to AV equipment, servers and CCTV devices.

Portable Appliance Testing (or PAT testing) provides the gold standard for electrical appliance maintenance through a combination of documented visual and physical testing. This nationally recognised standard will help to ensure your employees are safeguarded and your business meets the requirements of Health & Safety legislation.


Make us your first choice for a professional, reliable, courteous and cost-effective service.

  • No mileage charges within our coverage area
  • Pass/fail labels on all appliances examined
  • Annual testing reminders
  • Certificates and inventory reports in electronic and hard-copy formats
  • Low-cost, on the day repairs

We offer competitive per-item rates with volume discounts available.


Our testers begin by conducting a visual inspection of your appliances, including plugs and cables, to check for any signs of damage. While many testers will stop here if there are no obvious problems, we go one step further and also verify the electrical integrity of every item we test. Once complete, we record all the details and place a sticker on each item to show if it has passed or failed.

When it comes to sensitive equipment that cannot easily be turned off, our engineers will always be sure to check with you before carrying out any tests. As this may include mission-critical appliances such as computers, servers, CCTV or other security equipment, we can give you the option of only having a visual inspection carried out, or having a full-test conducted out-of-hours.

If we do find any damaged or faulty equipment, we’ll notify you and give you the option to have it repaired then-and-there. This can also include changing older cables or plugs with insufficient protective shrouding to modern ones that meet current electrical safety standards.

We also compile the results of all tests into a full report that we’ll provide on the day, as well as uploading it to our customer portal where you can access all your Precision documents at any time.


Our testers use the latest Seaward models coupled with their PAT Test Pro software, which enables us to record the location, description, item number and electrical integrity results for each device we test.

All our equipment is calibrated at least annually by an external accredited calibration house to ensure the accuracy of test results.

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"Paul and his team from Precision were brilliant. He worked with us to design our system in such a way that enabled us to save thousands of pounds. His team installed our fire system quickly and efficiently. They have been looking after all of our health and safety for a number of years. I would highly recommend their services".

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